The Law Offices of Ronald A. Blumfield P.C. Are Now Available To Assist Victims Who Have Been Hurt In Slip and Fall Accidents

(PRWEB) February 07, 2013

The Law Offices of Ronald A. Blumfield P.C. are now available to provide assistance to victims who have been injured in a slip and fall accident. Because they are so common in todays world, slip and fall accidents happen in a variety of environments including restaurants, parking lots, shopping malls, sidewalks, or even a friends home. This is why people should consult with a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer. Ronald A. Blumfield will protect the rights of his slip and fall clients by pursuing the proper compensation.

As a Philadelphia slip and fall attorney, Ronald A. Blumfield advises pedestrians to stay safe while walking on slick surfaces during wet and snowy weather. During hazardous conditions, most slip and fall accidents occur on sidewalks, outdoor steps and parking lots. After investigating a clients slip and fall accident, Ronald A. Blumfield will determine the parties involved and who should be held responsible. The Law Offices of Ronald A. Blumfield P.C. will evaluate slip and fall cases of people who have been injured while on sidewalks owned by private residents, commercial office buildings, SEPTA and government property.

Clients who choose The Law Offices of Ronald A. Blumfield P.C. to handle their slip and fall accidents will receive only honest and legal guidance. Part of being a successful slip and fall accident lawyer in Philadelphia is building close-knit relationships with the firms clients. On many occasions, former clients of Ronald A. Blumfield reach out to the firm to express their gratitude and provide information on how their life has been affected by the great help they received. Many of the firms new slip and fall clients are referrals from clients of the past.

About Ronald A. Blumfield:

As an auto accident lawyer in Philadelphia, Ronald A. Blumfield has been a lawyer for over 40 years in the City of Philadelphia, handling tough cases from civil lawsuits to criminal trials. Ron has managed his own firm throughout his career. Over the years he has developed a reputation as a hard-nosed litigator who fights for his clients and obtains substantial results. He is tough on his adversaries yet shows compassion for his clients. He has built his practice on honesty and candor towards his clients, who consistently appreciate him as a lawyer, advocate and friend.

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