Dispelling the Myths of School Choice

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

Recognizing some general confusion regarding school choice Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation) released the following statement to dispel four common myths.

Myth #1: School choice is a radical idea that only conservatives are pushing.

Fact: Today, every state in the union has recognized the value of school choice and instituted some type of school choice program whether it be charter schools, opportunity scholarships, private school tax credits, etc. Even very left-of-center states like California and New York have some of the strongest charter school laws in the nation, hosting hundreds of these innovative schools. Clearly school choice rises above the political fray, crosses all boundaries and is in the mainstream of education reform. School choice is the future of education. Click here to read more.

Myth #2: Charter schools perform worse than public schools.

Fact: Over the past two decades, hundreds of studies have traced charter schools performance, and the overwhelming majority of them conclude that charter schools on average perform just as well or significantly better than traditional public schools. The latest and largest review of these studies, released yesterday by AFP Foundation, found that two-thirds of these studies conducted after 2001 concluded charter schools help more students achieve higher results.

Myth #3: School choice programs dont admit poor, low-performing students to make their results look better.

Fact: These schools are saving poor, low performing students from a lifetime of underachievement, narrowing and even flipping the achievement gap. Many school choice programs are only available for poor, low-performing students. In New York Citys Success Academy schools 96% of Success Academy Students passed the math section, outperforming the citys public schools by 31%, and an unbelievable 100% passed the science section, with 91% earning an Advanced Rating. In Washington, D.C. 82% of Opportunity Scholarship students graduated high school, compared to 70% of those not selected for the program.

Myth #4: School choice takes money away from public schools.

Fact: This objection implies that public schools deserve funding regardless of whether they succeed or fail. Good public schools that offer a great education should certainly be well funded, but it doesnt make sense to throw money at bad public schools that force students to be stuck with mediocrity. Children should have the ability to achieve the very highest and best education that our society has to offer, regardless of their zip code.To view the full report further explaining this please click here.

So if school choice is such an obvious benefit to students and communities, who exactly is opposing it? Stay tuned for more on that tomorrow