VIC Investor Network to Significantly Accelerate Technology Company Growth

Fayetteville, AR (PRWEB) February 22, 2013

Yesterday, Calvin Goforth, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of VIC Technology Venture Development (VIC), announced the formation of the VIC Investor Network, a new fund that will significantly accelerate and expand technology venture development in Arkansas. The VIC Investor Network will place $ 250,000 start-up capital into every new portfolio company that VIC forms. Start-up capital is the most difficult funding to acquire. The VIC Investor Network funding will allow VIC to jumpstart its new portfolio companies and significantly shorten the average company development time.

Dr. Goforth made the announcement at VICs offices, following a presentation by Mitch Horowitz, Vice President & Managing Director of Battelle Technology Partnership Practice of Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Horowitz led an in-depth 2012 Battelle study entitled Arkansas’ Knowledge Economy Initiatives. He spoke about the importance of technology based economic development for Arkansas future economy, the benefits of the states incentive programs for encouraging such development, and he introduced the unique role VIC plays: VIC fills key challenges and gaps for technology based economic development efforts by bringing together the initial management, product development, business development, and administrative teams needed to launch successful companies based on university inventions.

With the VIC Investor Network in place, VIC will now be adding four new companies to its portfolio each year. This is approximately triple VICs previous rate of expansion. VIC estimates that over 100 high paying jobs of the future will be created in VIC portfolio companies over the next 3 years. VIC will also be adding additional sites across the country as it has developed and proven a uniquely effective business model for translating university research into outstanding young technology companies.

Following todays announcement, guests were able to interact with several VIC portfolio companies showcasing their new products and services, and meet the CEOs and teams advancing them. One company, Ascendant Diagnostics, is developing a screening test to detect early-stage breast cancer with just a tear sample. Another, CardioWise, is perfecting a single diagnostic test that will provide unprecedented information about heart health. Yet another, BioDetection Instruments, has developed an instrument that provides rapid detection of bacteria and other contaminants in food, water, and beverages that is portable, easy to use, and reliable.

For the past nine years, VIC has been quietly building cutting-edge, world-class technology companies in fields ranging from nanotechnology and cancer diagnostics to pharmaceuticals and semiconductors in Northwest Arkansas. VIC has developed a unique business model for forming and developing companies based on licensed early stage technologies from top research universities across the country. Each year, over $ 60 billion dollars of funding goes into sponsored research at universities resulting in thousands of new inventions. Most of these technologies do not get commercialized because there is a significant gap between the stage at which larger companies will license a technology, or at which most venture capital firms will invest in a technology, and the stage to which the technologies are developed within a university.

VICs business model was specifically developed and optimized to fill this gap. VICs method of building companies using a shared resources model where technical, business, financial, and legal expertise are brought together, allows for lower costs and higher success rates. VIC has attracted world-class talent and multiple breakthrough products have been brought to market. Key achievements to date include:

The WebEvents Company to offer practical Webinar advice at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising Show (TFM&A)

Gloucester, Gloucestershire (PRWEB UK) 21 February 2013

The WebEvents Company, a leading provider of fixed price on-line seminar (Webinar) services, will be sponsoring the GMA lounge at this years Technology for Marketing and Advertising Show TFM&A at Earls Court 2 London on February 26-27. Their staff will be on hand to discuss any aspect of running Webinars to help businesses find and attract new customers and enhance their relationship with existing ones.

Its a common perception that webinars are not for me theyre too complicated, difficult to plan and execute, and who would attend anyway? There are others who think they don’t need outside help, because they are easy, then wonder why no one turns up or why they don’t get any business from them.

Well, hold that thought because it takes just a small step to understand the ease with which businesses can host their own effective webinars, with the help of The WebEvents Company.

So why do so many businesses find Webinars such a useful marketing tool?

Webinars are great for:

ESA Provides Tips for Choosing a Security Company

Irving, Texas (PRWEB) January 23, 2013

Choosing a security company is an important part of protecting a home from threatening situations such as a burglary or fire. And with so many options, selecting the right company may seem like a daunting task. Here are six easy steps for finding a reputable and experienced security company.

1. Seek Advice from Family and Friends

The easiest way to find a trustworthy company is through a personal referral. Use family members, friends and trusted neighbors who have alarm systems as resources. Find out about their experiences with security companies, which company they selected and why.

2. Find a Company with Certified Employees

When you speak with potential companies, ask them if their employees are trained and certified by the Electronic Security Association’s (ESA) National Training School (NTS). Security professionals who are certified through NTS have completed extensive training in electronic security. Trained and certified professionals generally produce more efficient and higher quality work than those who are not certified.

3. Use Consumer Resources

You can find a trusted ESA member company in your area here. Member companies of ESA are aware of the newest technologies in fire and burglary detection and have often been trained at NTS. ESA member companies must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.

If enhanced home control is on your wish list, its especially important to work with a company that has proven expertise in security, custom electronic design, installation and connectivity. SECURE+ integrators are an elite group of highly qualified and trusted security companies that provide enhanced interactive services. You can find a SECURE+ integrator in your area by visiting

4. Evaluate Work History

One of the best ways to determine if a security company is credible is through consumer claims and work history. This information is readily available from several sources such as the crime prevention department at your local law enforcement offices, licensing agencies in your state, consumer protection agencies and the Better Business Bureau.

5. Organize Meetings with Potential Companies

Once you have narrowed your search down to three trusted companies, schedule meetings with a representative from each prospective company. Be sure to ask for the name of the person with whom you will be meeting. Upon the arrival of each representative, ask for proper company identification. Your consultation should consist of a home inspection and security recommendations for your property. Always ask for the quote for your alarm system in writing.

6. Take Time to Look Over Your Contract

After selecting a security company, read through your contract. Discuss the terms and address any questions you have with a company representative. Never feel pressured to sign anything and be cautious of companies that are too persistent.

Selecting the right company can bring you the protection you need and peace of mind you deserve. If you want the best service, choose a trusted ESA member company or SECURE+ integrator for all of your security needs.


Established in 1948, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) is the largest trade association representing the electronic life safety and security industry. Member companies install, integrate and monitor intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance and electronic access control systems for commercial, residential, industrial and governmental clients. In cooperation with an alliance of chapter associations, ESA provides technical and management training, government advocacy and delivers information, advice, tools, and services that members use to grow their businesses and prosper. ESA may be reached at (888) 447-1689 or on the Web at

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The Rich Dad Company and Robert Kiyosaki Offer Answers to Beat Resolution Failures

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

Fail that New Years resolution already? Help is on the way! Today, Robert Kiyosakis The Rich Dad Company, announced the release of a new, financial education eProgram, How to Make Meaningful Goals and Resolutions. The eProgram is free to anyone registering at, now through February 3, 2013.

By January 7th, one week after everyone has made their New Years Resolution, over 75% of people have failed, states Bob Molle author of Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. After hearing this, financial education expert and 2012 Most Popular Personal Finance Expert, Robert Kiyosaki, wanted to share his insights to help people actually reach their goals and be winners.

People need to accomplish their dreams, but they dont know how, states Kiyosaki. To make it worse, theyve focused on the how when success is found in the why. This program is designed to teach you how to accomplish goals using the mindset I learned from my rich dad.

By registering for the free, Rich Dad Community, anyone can access the limited-edition eProgram and:

Discover what makes a person successful (Hint Its not talent, charisma or money);

Learn the three components to accomplishing a goal and why New Years Resolutions fail; and

Find out how to overcome six, key obstacles to start winning immediately and more!

In addition to receiving the eProgram, all members joining the free, Rich Dad Community by filling out the simple registration at can:

Listen to Robert Kiyosakis The Rich Dad Radio Show online at any time;

Have fun playing CASHFLOW