10 Steps to Becoming a Best-Selling Author

Develop an author Web site: When possible, use your first name and last name in your domain name. Example:
Use your Web site as a place where fans and readers can go to learn about you and your books and to promote your events. Keep your home page updated by keeping content fresh. Choose words from the “Key Word” list, we have provided, in your blog posts.  Include a photo of yourself on your home page to personalize it. Include lots of photos on your Web site.  Pages with photos get the most views. Create an email signature with your book info and a link to your web site. Include this signature in all of your daily emails. It’s a great way to let people know about your book(s).


Develop book/series Web site: In the months leading up to the release of a title, create a Web site specifically for your book or series; this can be a tab on your author site or a different URL.


Create activities or classroom lessons to go along with your books and post them on your Web sites.


Blog, blog, blog: This could be part of your author Web site or its own domain name (Again, use your name in the domain name). This is a great way to share content with readers and create a forum for discussion with fans, other authors, etc.

  • Write fresh content regularly
  • Respond directly to comments from readers
  • Blog about anything, not necessarily just your book; drive Web traffic and fans back to your blog with interesting, relevant content
  • Include links to: your Web site, book Web pages, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Enslow.
  • Choose words from the “Key Words” list provided in your blog post and in your tags.
  • Use Google Blog Search to find other people blogging and writing about the subject of your book(s). Interact with them by posting useful comments on their blog. Chances are they’ll reciprocate.  If someone reviews your book(s) on their blog always thank them with a comment.  The more cross-promotion you can get, the better.


Goodreads Author Profile: Create an author profile on Goodreads and use the Author Program, designed to help authors reach their target audience. This is a great place to promote your books, get reviews, and interact with readers:


Amazon Author Central: Create an Author Page. Be sure to complete the “From the Author” section with a personal note about your experience researching and writing your book. You will soon be able to integrate your Facebook page with your Amazon author page which will boost discoverability:


Jacketflap: Create an author profile with links to your Web site and blog.  Announce upcoming events, and upload photos:


  • Library Thing: Find Out “How Authors Can Use Library Thing.” Create an author profile page using a photo and link to your web site. Catalog your books, add your readings and other events, join an author’s group, sign up for an Author Chat, or a Member Giveaways program:


Facebook: Create an author Facebook page (you can also create a FB page for your book/series).

  • Post information and updates about your book(s)
  • Announce new content that will drive fans back to your Web site and blog
  • Post questions/offers/incentives to fans about your books; share content
  • Invite fans to your events
  • Tweet, Tweet, Tweet: Join Twitter under your name.  Use Twitter’s Search feature to find people who talk about the subjects your book covers. Use Twitter to interact with fans and attract followers

Ask questions, promote discussion, share content, drive readers back to your Web sites


Pinterest: Another valuable social media platform, especially for female readers. Include boards showing your work space, your events, pictures that relate to your research on your books, your favorite books, your hobbies, etc.


Face-to-Face Contact: Interacting with readers in person remains important, such as school and library visits and book signings. However, you can use these events to reach wider audiences by doing a Webcast or Podcast. When going on a school visit, broadcast it to the Web so other fans can watch you live from other locations and post the Webcast on your Web site so they can view it later.


Media: Contact the editor of your local newspaper or the newspaper from the town in your hometown.  Ask if they would be willing to do an article about you and your book(s). Contact your  local radio and television stations for an author interview.


Reviews: It is important to generate reviews for your book(s).  Solicit endorsements, praise, and reviews from well-known people, book reviewers, librarians, teachers, and other authors.  Ask them to post their review on their blog,,, and We will assist you in sending out review copies and getting them into the hands of reviewers.  Just contact us!

New Book Discusses the Truth Behind the Corruption, Conspiracies in Legal Systems

London (PRWEB) March 01, 2013

In a passionate pursuit of the truth, conspiracies are revealed and readers must judge for themselves who is guilty and who is innocent.

Martin Roberts invites readers to travel by his side as he exposes faulty prosecutions generated from fraud, conspiracy and public panic in his latest book, Secret History. As an expert on law and legal issues, who has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth of these trials, Roberts hopes his book will show a new and different look at the drama that arises when panic spreads through the different levels of society.

My book relates the events and evidence in a number of cases in the United States in the postwar McCarthy era, and of cases in the United Kingdom during the Irish Troubles. The common theme is the fact of abuse of the legal process by authorities keen to respond to public fear and paranoia by finding someone to blame and convict, says Roberts.

Through in-depth research, author Martin Roberts reveals the corruptions that jeopardize the very values our legal systems were founded upon. This expos

Electronic Health Record sellers face make-or-break year of client ultimatums and revolts, reveals 2013 Black Book survey

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 18, 2013

With unmet expectations in system features, implementations, deliverables and client support issues mounting, up to 17% of all currently implemented physician practices gear up for changing out solutions, in what may become the Year of the Great EHR Vendor Switch.

The high performance vendors that will emerge as viable past 2015 are those dedicating responsive teams to address customers current demands, said Black Books managing partner Doug Brown.

And those demand lists are growing longer and longer according to the survey responses. Users foretell of dozens, if not hundreds, of software firms underperforming badly enough to lose major market share as the industry evolves and struggling vendor solutions don’t keep pace.

The independent insight Black Book gathered indicates many EHR firms have been so busy with backlogged implementations and selling product that development issues are being left on the back burner. Most concerning to current EHR users are unmet pleas for sophisticated interfaces with other practice programs, complex connectivity and networking schemes, pacing with accountable care progresses, and the rapid EHR adoption of mobile devices.

Brown upholds that the meaningful use incentives created an artificial market for dozens of immature EHR products. The sweeping Black Book survey also revealed that some popular “one size fits all” EHR products have not met the needs of several specialists and cannot continue to satisfy their client base with a lack of customizable or bespoke tools.

Nearly half of all Black Book EHR survey respondents scoring their respective vendor performances also answered the following set of questions on vendor switching.

The following aggregated responses are provided:

Are you dissatisfied enough with your EHR to consider making a change, and if so when?


New Business Book How to Say Anything to Anyone Reveals Little-Known Key to Unlock Massive Career Growth

(PRWEB) January 22, 2013

Leaders, managers and all other professionals from enthusiastic new recruits to seasoned veteran performers can now pick up Shari Harleys new business book How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide to Building Business Relationships that Really Work (Greenleaf Book Group), and discover the little-known key that unlocks massive career growth: improving business relationships.

Harley, a well-known business relationship expert, dispenses with the buzzwords and jargon that clog up many books on business communication, instead offering practical, step-by-step advice in a refreshingly candid tell-it-like-it-is manner. Readers will particularly appreciate the numerous real-life examples that illustrate how and how not to communicate effectively in the workplace, and even more importantly, how to apply those proven strategies in the context of building successful business relationships.

Building effective business relationships is fundamentally about making agreements, managing expectations, and ensuring that all parties know where they stand, commented Harley, who has been sharing her leadership and communication expertise with the public since 2007. If we want to be successful at work, we need to ask what the people we work with expect from us before problems occur not after, when its less about problem solving, and more about damage control.

Harleys public relations and promotions partner, Robin Samora, Principal of Robin Samora Inc., also noted that How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide to Building Business Relationships that Really Work is an ideal example of how an expert can expand her or his influence by adding `author to their list of achievements.

Experts who put pen to paper or rather, put fingers to keyboard and write a book are establishing their credibility and extending their influence in ways that their non-author competitors simply cannot match, stated Samora, who has over two decades of experience in the advertising, promotions and entrepreneurial world. Being an author and having that added credibility opens doors and opportunities to reach more people, do more good, and of course, achieve sizeable financial gain. To put it in perspective, picture a prospect faced with two experts. One hands over a business card. The other hands over a book. Who do you think wins that game?

For more information about How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide to Building Business Relationships that Really Work visit The book is available at leading retailers, including, and or wherever communication and leadership books are sold, and is priced at $ 19.95.

For interviews, review copies or all other media inquiries, contact Robin Samora at (617) 921-3448 or at

About Robin Samora Inc.

Telling a story is personal. Sharing it is an art. Technology makes it global. Robin Samora Inc., a Boston based PR firm blends all three to take its clients businesses and brands to the next level. With clients like Comcast, WBZ-TV and Blue Man Group, and a roster of authors, entrepreneurs and experts nationwide, the firm prides itself on being a Promotional GPS that takes its clients brands where they want to go to be seen, heard, engaged and remembered. With over two decades of experience, the firm is as comfortable on major media highways as it is on out-of-the-way niche back roads. Learn more at

Howard Rahtz Releases New Book, Drugs, Crime and Violence: From Trafficking to Treatment, Offering a New Prescription for Americas Drug Problem

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) January 11, 2013

Howard Rahtz has a dual background in drug treatment & drug interdiction, providing him with firsthand experience of Americas drug prohibition policy. His career in law enforcement spanned eighteen years where he rose to the rank of Police Captain in the Cincinnati Police Department. His journey in law enforcement and drug rehabilitation is an interesting parallel to the forty years of the Drug War. In Drugs, Crime and Violence: From Trafficking to Treatment, just released by Hamilton Books, Rahtz lays out a new prescription for Americas drug problem, which supports drug regulation rather than prohibition. Each chapter includes a true story with a tragic outcome as a result of the war on drugs, as well as a discussion of the issues, and extensive source notes. Drugs, Crime and Violence: From Trafficking to Treatment lists for $ 28.99 and is available through

In his new book Rahtz concludes the Drug War has failed as a policy, and it is time for America to embrace a different approach. Prohibition has filled our jails, criminalized millions of our citizens, provided a financial windfall for international and local criminal groups, and somehow we never tire of pretending it is working.

Howard Rahtz has presented one of the most comprehensive works ever written dealing with the multiple layers of problems caused by drugs and alcohol in our society,” comments Lawrence M. Anthony, Ph.D., LICDC, substance abuse treatment specialist, U.S. District Court, coordinator, Addictions Studies, Beckfield College. His intuitive analyses of our drug policies, along with his insights into our interdiction and law enforcement efforts, have rightfully concluded that unless we begin to make major changes in our attitudes, laws, and social policies, we may never come close to resolving this ubiquitous and devastating dilemma.

Rahtz lays out three tenets to the Drug War that demand a change in policy effectiveness, cost and basic fairness. From the street drug markets in U.S. cities to the escalating drug war on the Mexican border, the United States response to date can be described as the same old, same old more border agents, more police, more arrests, and bigger jails with a measure of drug treatment and prevention thrown into the mix. This book outlines significant policy moves that will siphon off the customer base of the illegal drug market. The first is legalization of marijuana, the cartels cash cow.

Moving marijuana to a legal status takes 30-40% of the drug market and transitions them to the legitimate economy. Rahtz goes on to explain how a tax policy that earmarks a portion of these funds for addiction treatment programs will further marginalize traffickers. With some modifications of drug laws and expansion of treatment options, I believe we can move substantially more addicts out of the drug market and into drug treatment. With its customer base gone, the illegal drug market goes out of business.

About the Author

Howard Rahtz is one of only a handful of people who have worked on both sides of the drug supply-demand equation. He earned his masters in Rehab Counseling from the University of Cincinnati coupled with his degree from Northwestern University School of Police Command and the Ohio Police Executive Leadership College. As a SWAT Negotiations Team Coordinator for the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD), Rahtz was responsible for the selection, training and deployment of SWAT Negotiators and Technicians. He coordinated with the Tactical Team for successful resolution of hostage and barricade situations for many years. Later, during Rahtz’s tenure as Captain of the CPD’s Central Vice Control Section, he implemented major reorganization to increase efficiencies in vice enforcement, which led to increased seizures of drugs, money and assets from traffickers. Rahtz also shifted the focus of drug enforcement from arrests to longer-term strategic efforts. Prior to his law enforcement career, Rahtz gained invaluable insight into the drug problem as a supervisor for a city run methadone program. As Executive Director of the Alcoholism Council, where he worked to establish treatment, intervention and prevention programs in the Cincinnati community, he was instrumental in starting the first local family intervention program and spearheading the first agency to address the needs of children of addicted parents.

Rahtz authored two previous books that are widely used by police academies and law enforcement agencies across the country. Read more about them on his website,