10 Steps to Becoming a Best-Selling Author

Develop an author Web site: When possible, use your first name and last name in your domain name. Example:
Use your Web site as a place where fans and readers can go to learn about you and your books and to promote your events. Keep your home page updated by keeping content fresh. Choose words from the “Key Word” list, we have provided, in your blog posts.  Include a photo of yourself on your home page to personalize it. Include lots of photos on your Web site.  Pages with photos get the most views. Create an email signature with your book info and a link to your web site. Include this signature in all of your daily emails. It’s a great way to let people know about your book(s).


Develop book/series Web site: In the months leading up to the release of a title, create a Web site specifically for your book or series; this can be a tab on your author site or a different URL.


Create activities or classroom lessons to go along with your books and post them on your Web sites.


Blog, blog, blog: This could be part of your author Web site or its own domain name (Again, use your name in the domain name). This is a great way to share content with readers and create a forum for discussion with fans, other authors, etc.

  • Write fresh content regularly
  • Respond directly to comments from readers
  • Blog about anything, not necessarily just your book; drive Web traffic and fans back to your blog with interesting, relevant content
  • Include links to: your Web site, book Web pages, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Enslow.
  • Choose words from the “Key Words” list provided in your blog post and in your tags.
  • Use Google Blog Search to find other people blogging and writing about the subject of your book(s). Interact with them by posting useful comments on their blog. Chances are they’ll reciprocate.  If someone reviews your book(s) on their blog always thank them with a comment.  The more cross-promotion you can get, the better.


Goodreads Author Profile: Create an author profile on Goodreads and use the Author Program, designed to help authors reach their target audience. This is a great place to promote your books, get reviews, and interact with readers:


Amazon Author Central: Create an Author Page. Be sure to complete the “From the Author” section with a personal note about your experience researching and writing your book. You will soon be able to integrate your Facebook page with your Amazon author page which will boost discoverability:


Jacketflap: Create an author profile with links to your Web site and blog.  Announce upcoming events, and upload photos:


  • Library Thing: Find Out “How Authors Can Use Library Thing.” Create an author profile page using a photo and link to your web site. Catalog your books, add your readings and other events, join an author’s group, sign up for an Author Chat, or a Member Giveaways program:


Facebook: Create an author Facebook page (you can also create a FB page for your book/series).

  • Post information and updates about your book(s)
  • Announce new content that will drive fans back to your Web site and blog
  • Post questions/offers/incentives to fans about your books; share content
  • Invite fans to your events
  • Tweet, Tweet, Tweet: Join Twitter under your name.  Use Twitter’s Search feature to find people who talk about the subjects your book covers. Use Twitter to interact with fans and attract followers

Ask questions, promote discussion, share content, drive readers back to your Web sites


Pinterest: Another valuable social media platform, especially for female readers. Include boards showing your work space, your events, pictures that relate to your research on your books, your favorite books, your hobbies, etc.


Face-to-Face Contact: Interacting with readers in person remains important, such as school and library visits and book signings. However, you can use these events to reach wider audiences by doing a Webcast or Podcast. When going on a school visit, broadcast it to the Web so other fans can watch you live from other locations and post the Webcast on your Web site so they can view it later.


Media: Contact the editor of your local newspaper or the newspaper from the town in your hometown.  Ask if they would be willing to do an article about you and your book(s). Contact your  local radio and television stations for an author interview.


Reviews: It is important to generate reviews for your book(s).  Solicit endorsements, praise, and reviews from well-known people, book reviewers, librarians, teachers, and other authors.  Ask them to post their review on their blog,,, and We will assist you in sending out review copies and getting them into the hands of reviewers.  Just contact us!