Be Known. Be Liked. Be Trusted.

Believe it or not, social media is important to the success of your company. Being active on various platforms, building relationships, and sharing relevant information impacts your bottom line. Have you ever measured how many people found you through your social media presence or wondered if Facebook informed their decision to chose you over a competitor? Studies have shown that social media has direct and indirect effects on business’ success and longevity.


Social media is your foundation to being Known, Liked and Trusted within your community, industry and by customers. These three aspects are integral to a winning social media, public relations and marketing strategy. Below are the three social media platforms you can use to build your Know Like Trust infrastructure.

Best Practices

We’re frequently asked what types of content to post that is within industry regulations… here are our most common answers:

  • A maximum of 20% of the content should be about your company. This may include:
    • Anniversaries and birthdays
    • Blog posts
    • Acknowledging a client of the month
    • Firm personnel
    • Upcoming events (especially charitable events)
  • 80% of the content should be…
    • Engaging content, and not necessarily directly related to the firm
    • Commentary on recent articles in the news
    • Memes that represent the brand
      • eg. a “fun” firm might post an image of a dog wearing sunglasses and a tee-shirt that says TGIF on a Friday afternoon
    • Content specific to their customer’s interests
      • eg: a news story about a recall on car seats might apply to personal injury and adoption attorneys