Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Online Reputation Management is a practice we excel at. As a public relations agency we understand the importance of organic media, and also the importance of Google and other search engines as “media”. It is necessary as such to manage the online search results for both companies and individuals, whether the removal of negative information, or “owning” of industry search terms.

Utilizing our unique abilities and algorithms, we are able to re-engineer search results to dramatically improve Google, and other search engine results. We understand how to utilize digital media such as websites, blogs, social networks, inter-linking, SEO copy writing, and more. We utilize our public relations skills to create/link with positive content, some of which we control, and utilize aggressive search engine optimization techniques to help positive content rise in search results.


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Whether to create more traffic by organically owning certain key words, or shaping your reputation online, we understand SEO and crisis PR, and how to manage online reputation, utilizing traditional public relations, and PR for SEO purposes.


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Some of our clients

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