SaveOnBrew Revolutionizes How Beer is Bought in America

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 23, 2013

Consumers can visit a site like Amazon to see the lowest price on just about anything. gives people the lowest local price on gas, while travel site aggregators like Kayak provide rock-bottom prices for hotel and airfare. What about beer? asked Mark Davidson, CEO of SaveOnBrew, a new search engine for retail beer prices.

Our website fills a huge void that previously existed on the internet, Davidson explains. You could get prices on just about anything online, but when it came to beer, all you had were a couple of crowdsourced lists that were not up-to-date and not at all user-friendly.

Previously, Davidson and his friends in Houston, Texas spent their Sundays scouring local sale ads and calling known beer retailers in the area to inquire about pricing on their favorite beer brands. We noticed two things while going through this weekly ritual. One our other friends caught wind of what we were doing and began calling us to find out where they should shop. And two it became tedious to do, since prices and sales are constantly changing.

The group wondered what would happen if they could get retailers to voluntarily send in their beer prices each week and they could publish their results on a website that their friends could consult before shopping. In a relatively short amount of time, the site took off from a Houston-based endeavor to a nationwide behemoth that can best be described as Google — for beer.

Davidson clarifies: Since the site was launched, we have more than a thirty-five million beer deals on our site. At any given time, we have over 350,000 published deals from thousands of retailers nationwide. Consumers can search for prices by brand, type of beer, container type, retailer name, or retailer proximity. This fundamentally changes how consumers buy beer because it allows them access to a wealth of information before they leave home and enables them to save money.

Life is too short to drink cheap beer, so we help people pay less for the beer they love, Davidson adds. Weve got a great audience who writes in regularly, letting us know about hot spots to buy beer in their zip codes and were always following up with these retailers to see if theyre interested in a free advertising opportunity.

Its the free advertising bit that makes SaveOnBrew such a gold-mine for beer retailers. To list their beer specials on the PC and mobile-accessible site, a retailer need only provide the team with a list of beer sale prices each week or offer up a link to an online ad circular. The mobile version of the website also gives consumers maps to the nearest retailer selling beer on sale.

Mike and Mark Lenzi of Franklin Liquors in Massachusetts report a positive impact from their relationship with SaveOnBrew. Were a small, family-owned business that sells beer. Were glad people finally know that our prices are the same and in many cases better than big box stores and supermarkets in the area.

Beer retailers are invited to contact SaveOnBrew directly, while consumers can search for the lowest prices on their favorite beer brands at


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