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Publicly Related is a socially connected public relations marketing agency that integrates traditional media, new media and marketing in robust strategies that build recognition, enhance public perception and increase the bottom line for our clients.

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Media Placement

By representing you as your publicist, we get you featured in the media. Whether your goal is to be recognized as an expert, industry leader or new business, we can get you there. Our media placement team gives you an edge that makes a winning difference.

  • We scan the news everyday for stories that are applicable to you.
  • We pitch you while you sit back and relax.
  • Your publicist calls you for a quote.


Speaker’s Bureau

Unlike other speakers bureaus, we have specialists who proactively place speakers at upcoming events. Whether you are an experienced speaker or new to public speaking, we find the right meetings and conferences for your topic, skill level and comfort zone.

  • Our team has relationships with meeting planners across the country
  • We maintain awareness of local, regional and national events 
  • With your press kit and published works, we garner speaking engagements for you


Content Development

(Ghost Writing)

Using the right dose of punch lines and trigger words, we will write digital articles that will significantly improve your prospect to customer ratio. Your web copy can also be search engine optimized to achieve higher rankings on Google gaining your website more traffic.

  • We develop search engine optimized articles and press releases
  • Distribute the articles and press releases
  • Articles are written under your name




Three Amazing Things Public Relations Can Do

At Publicly Related, we are inspired by the way communication and media can influence the way society perceives a person, company or product. We harness the power of communication in our traditional and new media campaigns, reputation management initiatives, and publicist services. We build relationships with our clients and work closely with them to understand their businesses. By discussing their goals, we can determine a plan of action to help them get to where they want to be. [tabs type=”fullwidth”] [tab title=”Build Your Brand”]

Public relations, not advertising, builds a brand. A brand cannot be built on advertising alone since PR is more credible and trustworthy than advertising. For a company with millions of dollars in excess monies to spend, advertising may work, but for realistic conditions and companies with limited resourced, creating publicity can make or break your brand’s success. Partaking in events, trade shows, or press conferences can help to raise awareness about your products or services. Advertising hopes to relay information, but a press release, newspaper article, or trade show appearance can help to share information and have a meaningful conversation and connection with a customer.[/tab]  [tab title=”Create Trust”]

While trust is not gained overnight, PR can greatly increase your chances of generating that trust from customers. Advertising comes from the company by the company in the hopes that the customers’ perceptions and beliefs will change. PR also comes from the company (with press release writings and other copy), but it takes another company to advocate you and your product to generate real PR. To get a story in a newspaper or to have a journalist write about you in their blog, your company must first get their trust by having a real product of value. More often than not, media talk about other products or companies that they’ve heard of through other media contacts, and the information continues to spread. Being a trusted company to some can turn into a trusted company to more. Credibility has to be earned from customers reading about you, testing your products, and talking about you. Advertising tries to make them trust you, whereas PR can help them to trust you on their own.[/tab]  [tab title=”Shift the Perception”]

PR is also a useful tool for changing the way customers view your product.” Your product, depending on its stage in the life cycle, may already have a perception customers associate it with. These perceptions are sort of like stereotypes about a product that are very hard to change or shift. For example, big cars are usually thought to use more fuel (which more often than not, they do). To change this perception, a company would need to use some major PR tactics. They would need to utilize the media and customers to help that perception change. If the car in fact had lower gas consumption, having consumer reports or tests done on the vehicle could help the company product change its perception. The authors use the example of Vespa who wanted to change the perception of their scooters; they urged cities to advocate the use of less oil, took reporters on test drives, and also created podcasts. This in turn helped them to boost their sales by more than 25% after the 2005 campaign launch.[/tab][/tabs]


We specialize in media relations, reputation management and branding. Our service menu includes offline and online marketing initiatives, such as: media kit creation, web development, social media management and advertising, personal representation, SEO, blogs and article content, and start-up, crowd-funding and public relations consulting services. Our clients include small and medium companies, professional speakers, professional athletes and professional sports teams, job seekers, politicians and non-profit organizations. Our clients are located throughout the United States, New Zealand and Israel. [toggle title=”Media Relations”]There are multiple benefits to maintaining a media profile, from customer and lead generation, to creating/maintaining an expert status, to building and enhancing your brand prestige.  The accepted marketing dogma is that editorial coverage constitutes a third party endorsement by a media organization, many of which are longstanding, respected brands in and of themselves.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Crisis Management”] If you are looking for help managing a crisis, please call us today. Our credentials, we frequently spend hours on the phone with potential clients outlining a strategy and providing advice in advance on being hired. We believe that the last thing someone managing a crisis needs while trying to hire a PR firm is high pressure, apocalyptic sales tactics. We pride ourselves in being nimble, and can generally get started working the same day as we are engaged so that no time is lost, and generally at dramatically lower costs than larger firms.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Social Media Marketing”] If you haven’t already, you need to harness the true power of social media. Social media directly connects and builds rapport with your audience on a 24/7 basis. Don’t worry if you know nothing about social media, we can facilitate this for you. Your social media pages will be built using the latest and best practices to reach your audience and capitalize on the power of social media. Through strategic use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, we help you connect directly with your audience on a global level in real time.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Event Planning”] If you’re looking for coordinators for news conferences, product launches, movie premieres, wellness events or trade shows, we’re your team. You will receive a team who collaborates with you to create press materials, generate coverage and coordinate with venue organizers to arrange everything from convention services, transportation and lodging, audio-visual needs, management of RSVPs and even catering. Our precision planning and execution of a wide variety of events allows you to comfortably focus on connecting with industry leaders and sending your message while we take care of the details.[/toggle]



Some of our clients

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Publicly Related is a boutique pr firm with an office in Orlando. Public relations agencies have global reach in the twenty-first century. Stemming from Orlando our public relations clients expect boutique public relations agencies like ours to have a vast media network. As a public relations boutique firm, also known as a pr boutique, we are a Orlando agency that offers media planning, media outreach, special communications or Internet marketing services for all types of businesses, including larger corporations that may be located in Orlando and already have their own public relations or communications teams. We are a PR boutique or Public Relations boutique agency that specialize in raising the overall awareness of a brand, product or image of a company or person. We determine a strategy that will best publicize the person or product to drive traffic and boost sales.