We know public affairs programs greatly affect our client’s bottom line. We organize aggressive public affairs campaigns that deliver powerful results for our clients

Our professionals are experienced in meeting the public and legislative affairs needs of our clients. Our expertise encompasses grassroots, statewide and national campaigns. We provide our clients with an aggressive game plan to shape public policy by engaging the media and effectively navigating through the public policy and legislative arenas.

The “Game Plan”

  • Build support and understanding for client’s issue
  • Gain access to the appropriate leaders – legislators/policy makers
  • Develop powerful alliances that share a stake in the outcome(s)
  • “Think globally, act locally” – deploy targeted grassroots projects

We understand the ins-and-outs of working with legislators and their staff, and we have handled various challenging public policy and legislative issues.

Publicly Related is able to put its core skill sets to work for its public affairs clientele including:

  • Media relations
  • Writing backgrounders, white papers, Op-Eds, collateral materials and web copy
  • Design services
  • Speech writing
  • Delivering compelling presentations to local groups
  • Website development
  • Online promotion
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Collateral materials development
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Media training
  • Conducting surveys and focus groups
  • Crisis communications
  • Advertising

Our experience speaks volumes….

  • National
    • A national legal association wants to preserve the country’s jury system
    • A national pool safety consortium lobbies hard in Washington D.C., warm weather states and parks and recreation, hotel-motel and multi-family vertical markets for stronger pool safety regulations
  • Statewide 
    • An insurance company wants to strengthen penalties for those guilty of insurance fraud
    • A law firm and public advocacy group want to pass new Florida laws to ensure that condemnation of private property by local governments and CRAs is based on a more responsible and objective criteria when declaring a property “blighted”
    • An association lobbies for changes in homeowners insurance laws and ultimately tries to have governor veto a lopsided bill
    • A pool safety consortium attempts to have legislation passed to strengthen pool safety in homes, public facilities and commercial pools
    • An insurance association tries to strengthen anti-fraud measures with PIP law and ultimately has to kill faulty legislation
    • A billion-dollar out of state agriculture concern takes on the management of the nation’s largest sugar companies in an effort to purchase the company in the face of a rich (proposed) asset purchase by the state
    • A foster children’s advocacy group wishes to strengthen protections for foster children who age out of the system; pursue stricter regulations on foster parents and psychiatric treatment
  • Local 
    • A luxury real estate developer wishes to redevelop a mobile home park and gain approval for his project with local city council. Incorporates an affordable housing component to help community overcome crisis situation. Had to overcome upheaval by residents and resistance from varying factions.
    • Luxury condo developer wishes to gain approval for downtown high-rise project in the face of litigation and resistance from well financed not for profit association
    • Luxury condo developer pushes to stop an eminent domain taking and ultimately loses in court; receives multi-million dollar settlement
    • Developer of mixed use CRA project defends itself from competing developers screaming foul with city commission
    • Legal aid advocacy group lobbies county commissioners to preserve funding
    • Commercial linen service accused by mayor of South Florida city of tainting water supply and fending off attacks from outside consultants, city staff and the mayor’s office defends itself with science and aggressive public affairs

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