Consumers want to use reputable and recommended businesses. Before the boom of social media, consumers looked to sources like friends and the Better Business Bureau to make informed choices about businesses and service providers before selecting one. Now, consumers look online for first-hand information about companies, ratings, reviews, recommendations and warnings. Similarly, consumers also rate and share their experiences, influencing others. These ratings and reviews become part of a company’s online reputation.

 A positive online reputation can drive potential clients to your business, while a negative reputation can be crippling.

Your online reputation is made up of what others say about you, your products or services, and your practice or company online. If a client gives you a poor review, your online reputation will be hindered and the review will appear in online searches.

Social media is the new platform for word of mouth. Sites like Yelp provide an online podium for clients to rate their experiences and leave comments. These ratings and reviews show up in Google searches and can have a major impact on other consumers’ decision to call or visit a business. Positive reviews  have a marginal impact on potential clients, while negative reviews can crush a business. Similarly, blog posts, Facebook comments, Twitter tweets, entries on review sites all impact the success or failure of a business and are part of a company’s online reputation.


What are your clients saying about you?

Try searching for yourself and your company on Google. If all of the information that comes up is positive, you are probably in good shape. However, if negative comments appear, your business may be suffering. If you have a positive online reputation, congratulations! Let’s keep it that way! If uncomplimentary comments are plaguing your practice, we can help.

We developed techniques to “hide” the unflattering reviews, so they appear towards the bottom of Google searches. Positive and neutral information will come up in online searches, improving your online reputation, and maintaining your positive online reputation.


Who needs to be concerned about their online reputation?

Everyone! From every industry! Legal and health care professionals to hair stylists and teachers; insurance professionals to creatives; business owners to office managers; graduating students to established employees, laborers to security officers, front desk personnel to janitorial staff; interns and job seekers to the gainfully employed. Non-profit organizations to associations to small and medium size businesses. Everyone should be aware of their online reputation and actively work to maintain positive reviews and standing or collaborate with us to manage it.