National Media Attention for Small and Local Businesses: Is it Necessary?

Despite the seemingly obvious contradiction (small business big attention) small and local businesses benefit from national media attention. Whether you are referenced, quoted or featured in an article, your media presence enhances your company’s credibility, brand and opens the window for new business opportunities.

Being mentioned in the New York Times, interviewed for a press release, or featured in an entire article, helps build credibility. With a credible reputation, others will be more likely to meet with you, listen to you, and do business with you. Consumers will be more likely to seek you out, which stretches your marketing budget and may shorten your sale cycle. The process to build a credible reputation takes time, however the benefits are well worth the wait.

Credibility is a pillar of having a trustworthy brand. Brand recognition is crucial in our innovative society that welcomes a variety of new products to retail shelves and online stores every day. More and more, consumers seek the best price over their local vendors. This trend has rocked small businesses across the country, as large corporations with discounted prices ran smaller businesses into the ground. The Internet has amplified the plight of the cost conscious consumer and changed the way many consumers shop. Rather than purchasing retail from local providers, many consumers frequent the large discount stores and make purchases through the Internet. Therefore, especially for small businesses, having a recognizable brand is crucial to thriving in today’s vast market, let alone staying in business.

Media exposure expands your marketing reach. Information that news outlets publish online is searchable by search engines such as Google, and therefore appears in search engine results when keywords are searched. For the small business owner this means, every time your name appears in the media, your search engine rank is impacted and page rank may be boosted. A high rank in a Google search will make you (and your business) easier for consumers to find. Therefore, it is highly advantageous for you to be featured in the media if you want new business opportunities or to increase your current client base. You never know who will read your story, find you online or hear about you from someone else.

Media exposure opens you up to a world of new opportunities and enables others to find you. It increases your likelihood to garner large clients, convince others to invest in you, and receive invitations to join in new ventures. Brand recognition built through media exposure may sway consumers to choose you over a competitor. The right media feature may be the tipping point to take your businesses from the thousands to the millions.

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