My American High School Now Offers A New High-Tech Curriculum for New High-Tech Focused Homeschooling Programs

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) January 12, 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 brought in an incredible $ 500 million in worldwide sales its first day on the market. Thats right; video games are no longer considered an adolescent pastime, but a lucrative career path. Students, and their parents, seeking an educational format that will prepare them for this high-tech world need look no further than My American High School which focuses on homeschooling programs.

Game design isnt the only newly offered course that has the new generation of youngsters flocking to this virtual school. My American High School is a fully accredited, online school for grades K-12. They now offer a balanced, customizable, technology rich curriculum that allows students to build a well-rounded educational experience. Highly engaging courses are aligned to the Common Core Standards and tailored to each students goals.

Whether students are looking for advanced, challenging enrichment courses that will prepare them for a top university, or a lower paced, less stressful environment than traditional schools, they are sure to find the educational experience they need at this American High School Online.

About My American High School:

American High School provides online schooling for high school students and K-12 which focuses primarily on middle and high school education. It is our commitment to provide students a high quality education that prepares them for a better future. We believe that learning is more productive when the curriculum is customized to “fit” the student rather than trying to make the student “fit” a curriculum. For more information, please visit

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