Media Relations

Public RelationsWe have learned that the media is one of the most powerful tools in the world for spreading a message, influencing consumer behavior and emotions, and informing the public. We have also learned that targeted exposure and the right story can be extremely impactful for organizations and individuals.

With this in mind, we work with you to determine the best media outlets to cover your story. We discuss traditional media (print, television and radio) and new media (digital, blogs and social media) to figure out where your niche demographic receives their information.

Then we target those types of media outlets with customized pitches. We research each journalist and reporter we talk with to make sure that our pitch is relevant to their beat and specific to their interests.

Then we contact them via phone, email and social media. We track all of our pitches in an easy to use online system, which our clients can access 24/7.

By providing you with 100% transparency, you will always know what we are doing, who we are talking with, and the reporter’s contact information.