How to Stand Out!

The legal field is known for controversies, emotional stories and fierce competition. As you’ve probably experienced, the competition extends beyond the walls of the court house and office, and seeps into your marketing campaign. With so many other attorneys, how are you standing out?

How do you stand out with all for the advertising rules? Use a different strategy!


State bar associations have rules and regulations governing the content that an attorney’s office can provide in each of their advertising materials and online collateral, including social media accounts.


The rules pertain to law firms and agencies or contractors they hire to advertise on their behalf.


The rules do not cover what the media says about you, as long as it’s not posted on your website, social media accounts or other advertising collateral.

This means, that a news station could refer to an attorney as expert or leading authority on a subject matter. It means that a single firm could be the go-to commentator for a journal, radio show, television broadcast.

Media naturally bears credibility, which indicates their audiences tends to trust and believe what they see and hear. When the media refers to you as a leader in the field, you are viewed on a different level by consumers and businesses… and you become the envy of your competitors. This exposure is often worth more than an advertisement, since it’s earned and not a paid placement.

The media may be your best, untapped referral source.

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