Kiss Trust Unveils Innovative Fix to Expensive Trust Services Offers Simple, Reliable Way to Save for a Childs Future

Bel Air, MD (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Kiss Trust, the leader in online children’s savings trusts, has combined a simple to use online childrens savings trust creation platform with ongoing professional trust administration to give parents and grandparents a new college savings plan option.

Kiss Trust is the culmination of the company’s popular children’s savings trust platform and its extensive experience with professional trust administration. The patented platform is a powerful, affordable way for parents, grandparents, families and friends create, control and manage a savings trust.

“Saving for a child or grandchilds future education needs can be daunting, and the most commonly used college savings accounts all have drawbacks. Our goal was to make a practical savings alternative accessible to everyone, said Ned Armand, President of Kiss Trust. We have married our patented cutting-edge technology and trust expertise to create a solution that provides control over how and when the money can be used, and is more cost effective than any other savings trust option available today.”

In 2012, Americans created more online college savings trusts through Kiss Trust than any other source. The patented technology of Kiss Trusts online documents and trust administration provides a one-of-a-kind solution.

“According to our surveys 99 percent of customers say they would recommend Kiss Trust to their friends and family,” said Armand. They find peace of mind because they have the ability to implement a variety of design clauses in the trust to; control the use of the money, and protect the money against any possible misuse.

Kiss Trusts reviews have hailed from Forbes, Yahoo! Finance and other financial publications, which explain, It has all of the advantages of a traditional trust, its inexpensive to set up, and you can start the trust with as much money as it would take to buy a tank of gas.

The costs of creating traditional trusts are steadily increasing. Attorneys fees now average more than $ 300 per hour for most laws firms trust preparation services. Kiss Trusts patented technology guides customers through creating their trust online for a onetime fee of less than $ 200.

We dont believe people should have to wonder if they can afford to save for their child or grandchilds future. Their money should go towards that childs future and not legal fees to create a trust, said Armand. We’ve invested heavily into our trust creation technology over the past year. Instead of working through old fashioned trust creation methods we reinvented how a trust should be created, delivered and administered.

Kiss Trust is also flexible and just not limited only to college savings plans. As Armand noted, Clients have used Kiss Trust as a low cost solution in a variety of other situations including; simplified estate planning, child support trust, legacy trust, court ordered trusts, memorial trusts, and a host of other situations. Finally, Armand pointed out that Kiss Trust is available for use in every state regardless of where you live and has been accepted by multiple court jurisdictions.

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About Kiss Trust

Kiss Trust is widely reviewed and the nations exclusive provider of online trust document services and trust administration services. The company was founded and staffed by top talents in law, trusts and technology to make the benefits and protections of trusts accessible and affordable to everyone. Kiss Trust is not a law firm. Kiss Trust is a division of Eastern Point Trust Company, a non-depositary trust company with multiple regional offices. The Eastern Point Trust Company provides fiduciary and trust administration services for trusts situated in all 50 states.

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