Our 4 Step Process


Step 1

Determine what is newsworthy about the product.New products often contain novel aspects. For example, a new toothpaste may have a special ingredient to promote fresh breath or a new golf ball may feature a state-of-the-art design meant to improve a golfer’s performance on the greens. To effectively launch a public relations campaign, savvy public relations professionals define the the newsworthy aspects of the new product and articulate those to the marketplace and the news media.

Step 2

Write a news release and fact sheet. To tell the story about the new product, entrepreneurs may use two formats — a news release and a fact sheet. These tools illustrate the newsworthy attributes of the new product, may feature quotations from the inventor or other resource, and provide other “tips” for the reporters who may choose to cover it.


Step 3

Communicate with the news media through e-mail and telephone calls. A media database that includes reporters, editors, producers and others is a vital tool. The database serves as a starting point for emails and phone calls to media outlets.

Step 4

Follow up with the news media. By tracking news articles and broadcast segments featuring the new product, businesses gain a library of media coverage that showcases its attributes. This media coverage may entice future buyers to try the new product.



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