Effective Marketing Means Effective Communication: 8 Tips to Improve Your Ad Copy

Are you maxing on your ad marketing efforts yet you are not seeing any results, then you need to make a change. There are various elements that go into successful ad marketing, one of these being the ad copy you produce. Here are tips for improving your ad copy.
Zero in On the Benefits

If you write copy like many other marketers, then you must be focusing on the features of the item you are selling, hoping the prospect will click on the ad. However, buyers are not looking for features, but benefits. This is why you need to focus on how the features will help the customer solve the problem.

Never Stop Testing

You need to keep on testing and tweaking your ads. Keep experimenting with different types of headlines and tracking the results that each headline provides. If the results don’t add up to the efforts and cash you are injecting in your campaign, go back to the drawing board and try another approach.

Analyze Competing Ads

You can use various tools to find out how the competition is running. However, the aim is to find out what is happening on the market, what is working, and what is not. However, don’t copy your competition, because this won’t help you at all.

Checking on the competition gives you some ideas as to what you can add to the ad and what you can remove from it to make it work. Once you find out these two aspects, go ahead and come up with your own version that speaks directly to your prospects.

When analyzing ads in the market, don’t just assess any ad you come across – find out the dominant companies and check out what they offer. Look at the message the competitor is using to draw in customers, the tone of the message, and how the company addresses its audience. Use these multiple sources to create your ad copy before testing it.

Keep Up with Latest PPC Blogs and News.

PPC blogs and news sites abound on the internet. These sites are updated on daily basis and will help you create the best ads for your needs. You can use these sites to stay up to date with what is happening in the PPC world. This helps you stay ahead of competition.

You don’t need a lot of time to check out these resources, all you need is ten minutes or more to check the news on your tablet or your smartphone.

Don’t Include Prices in Ad Copy

If you are writing copy, you should not include prices in your copy. If you are having a sale, you can do so because the ad copy will be online for just a short period and then you take it down.

Putting prices in the ad content gives your competition time to adjust their prices to grab your traffic. The competitor might grab your loyal customers by just reducing the price for similar products by a single dollar. Additionally, when you indicate the price, you lock out consumers who are not able to afford your products.

Create Your Ads with the Customer in Mind

Don’t write your copy to show your technical prowess. Instead, create ad copy that your consumer will read and understand. Use simple language that the user will understand and relate to. You can only do this by understanding what the consumer is looking for. You can learn to create better relationships with your customers to understand them better.

Improve Your Offer

If you are experiencing low click-throughs and conversion rates after taking time to design the ad the right way, you need to analyze your offer. Test multiple offers because a slight change in the offer can result in an increase in your conversion rate.

The offer you give needs to appeal to your target market as well as be in the range of the market rates.

One Message = One Ad

For your ad to be effective, stay focused on one message targeted to only one customer segment. If you have more than one message even for the same segment, you need to create multiple ads to succeed.