Easily Use IP Cameras on Chat Applications such as SKYPE, Google, and AOL with New Software Tools from Visec

Northridge, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2013

Philex Enterprises, Inc. (http://www.visecpro.com) manufacturer of Visec(R) Software, a suite of IP video surveillance software applications utilizing sophisticated mathematical algorithms, announces that it is the first company in the world to develop Virtual Camera driver(TM), a software application that supports simultaneous use of IP cameras in popular chat application programs like SKYPE, Google, and AOL, while also allowing shared use of the camera(s) in its surveillance application with no added configurations.

The Visec Virtual Camera driver allows any camera connected to the Visec Software to be used in a chat application. Prior technical restrictions made simultaneously sharing an IP camera close to impossible. The Visec Virtual Camera driver easily provides support for IP cameras and adds portability to the IP camera industry. A user only has to select the desired camera to make available in the chat application and the Visec Virtual Camera driver will seamlessly go to work allowing that camera to be shared by the chat software.

“IP cameras are becoming the new standard of video based on their increased quality, bandwidth availability and lower price points,” says Alexander Bordbar, Chief Technology Officer of Philex Enterprises, Inc. “While the popularity of IP cameras makes them powerful tools for home and businesses users, the traditional lack of support for these cameras in video conferencing has reduced their applied use. This has all changed thanks to the easy to use Visec Virtual Camera driver. It is a significant advancement for the IP camera software industry and now brings IP/ Network camera support to a new class of cameras.”

Prior technical restrictions made simultaneously sharing of an IP camera close to impossible. The Visec Virtual Camera Driver works by taking the IP camera stream and then rebroadcasting it as a Windows Device Manager Driver (WDM). As a result, all Windows programs can successfully see the camera accessible as a real physical camera.

The technology offers many applied uses by simplifying the time, and requirements needed to share an additional video feed whether in meetings or chats. For example, a company can now share video in locations that web cameras previously did not have accessibility to. IP cameras deployed on site in remote locations can also be easily accessed for chat purposes. In other scenarios, support teams and project managers can deploy this technology for troubleshooting purposes or to provide an additional real time perspective at an existing site location.

The Visec Virtual Camera Driver is being included in future versions of the Visec Software. A free downloadable version of the software is available for single camera use. Philex is offering the technology on a license basis to other integrators and OEM developers. The company is also in the process of filing for a provisional patent on the technology.

About Visec(R):

Visec(R) is a leading developer of IP video surveillance software, access control technology, license plate recognition systems, and QR code integration. Visec employs a team of cutting edge software developers with a specialty in developing advanced mathematical algorithms for IP video application. It prides itself in its cutting edge solutions designed with the utmost software engineering standards known today. Visec abides by a doctrine that embraces Corporate Social Responsible Methodologies as part of its overall growth strategies. Visec has its principal offices in South Africa and the United States, with representation and clientele in all major countries around the world. For more information about Visec, please visit http://www.visecpro.com

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