Conway Cares Non-Profit Orlando – UCF Students Donate Food to Local Non-Profit

Conway Cares Non-Profit OrlandoCommunication is crucial for organizations to thrive. If they don’t effectively communicate their message and brand, how will anyone know who they are and what they stand for? Images, words, community involvement all send a message to consumers. While reaching consumers is important, making them care about you and your organization is more important.


We recently learned about Conway Cares a Central Florida nonprofit organization. Their mission is to feed local hungry children who’s parents can’t afford food. This issue hits close to home, for Bree Gotsdiner, founder of Publicly Related, who worked with starving children in Chicago, Pennsylvania and India. When she was approached by a student to incorporate a food drive into class, the public relations professional was happy to oblige.


The student shared Conway Cares’ compelling story and moving video, which tugged the heart strings of Publicly Related’s founder Bree Gotsdiner’s University of Central Florida digital media class. She then showed the Central Forida nonprofit’s wishlist with crackers, apple sauce and juice, and asked her classmates to bring in donations.


The Orlando students showed incredible generousity and brought in bags and bags of food for the children. Their public relations professional prof was blown away. They went above and beyond and posted images of their donations, complete with hashtags (#ConwayCares) on social media. The Central Florida community will surely be impacted by their compassion and the children will have food for another week.



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