Howard Rahtz Releases New Book, Drugs, Crime and Violence: From Trafficking to Treatment, Offering a New Prescription for Americas Drug Problem

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) January 11, 2013

Howard Rahtz has a dual background in drug treatment & drug interdiction, providing him with firsthand experience of Americas drug prohibition policy. His career in law enforcement spanned eighteen years where he rose to the rank of Police Captain in the Cincinnati Police Department. His journey in law enforcement and drug rehabilitation is an interesting parallel to the forty years of the Drug War. In Drugs, Crime and Violence: From Trafficking to Treatment, just released by Hamilton Books, Rahtz lays out a new prescription for Americas drug problem, which supports drug regulation rather than prohibition. Each chapter includes a true story with a tragic outcome as a result of the war on drugs, as well as a discussion of the issues, and extensive source notes. Drugs, Crime and Violence: From Trafficking to Treatment lists for $ 28.99 and is available through

In his new book Rahtz concludes the Drug War has failed as a policy, and it is time for America to embrace a different approach. Prohibition has filled our jails, criminalized millions of our citizens, provided a financial windfall for international and local criminal groups, and somehow we never tire of pretending it is working.

Howard Rahtz has presented one of the most comprehensive works ever written dealing with the multiple layers of problems caused by drugs and alcohol in our society,” comments Lawrence M. Anthony, Ph.D., LICDC, substance abuse treatment specialist, U.S. District Court, coordinator, Addictions Studies, Beckfield College. His intuitive analyses of our drug policies, along with his insights into our interdiction and law enforcement efforts, have rightfully concluded that unless we begin to make major changes in our attitudes, laws, and social policies, we may never come close to resolving this ubiquitous and devastating dilemma.

Rahtz lays out three tenets to the Drug War that demand a change in policy effectiveness, cost and basic fairness. From the street drug markets in U.S. cities to the escalating drug war on the Mexican border, the United States response to date can be described as the same old, same old more border agents, more police, more arrests, and bigger jails with a measure of drug treatment and prevention thrown into the mix. This book outlines significant policy moves that will siphon off the customer base of the illegal drug market. The first is legalization of marijuana, the cartels cash cow.

Moving marijuana to a legal status takes 30-40% of the drug market and transitions them to the legitimate economy. Rahtz goes on to explain how a tax policy that earmarks a portion of these funds for addiction treatment programs will further marginalize traffickers. With some modifications of drug laws and expansion of treatment options, I believe we can move substantially more addicts out of the drug market and into drug treatment. With its customer base gone, the illegal drug market goes out of business.

About the Author

Howard Rahtz is one of only a handful of people who have worked on both sides of the drug supply-demand equation. He earned his masters in Rehab Counseling from the University of Cincinnati coupled with his degree from Northwestern University School of Police Command and the Ohio Police Executive Leadership College. As a SWAT Negotiations Team Coordinator for the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD), Rahtz was responsible for the selection, training and deployment of SWAT Negotiators and Technicians. He coordinated with the Tactical Team for successful resolution of hostage and barricade situations for many years. Later, during Rahtz’s tenure as Captain of the CPD’s Central Vice Control Section, he implemented major reorganization to increase efficiencies in vice enforcement, which led to increased seizures of drugs, money and assets from traffickers. Rahtz also shifted the focus of drug enforcement from arrests to longer-term strategic efforts. Prior to his law enforcement career, Rahtz gained invaluable insight into the drug problem as a supervisor for a city run methadone program. As Executive Director of the Alcoholism Council, where he worked to establish treatment, intervention and prevention programs in the Cincinnati community, he was instrumental in starting the first local family intervention program and spearheading the first agency to address the needs of children of addicted parents.

Rahtz authored two previous books that are widely used by police academies and law enforcement agencies across the country. Read more about them on his website,

Bank Street College of Education Commends New Reform Initiatives from Governor Cuomo

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 10, 2013

In his New York State of the State address on January 9, Governor Andrew Cuomo championed several initiatives proposed by the New NY Education Reform Commission, on which Elizabeth DickeyPresident at Bank Street College of Educationserves.

The Commission presented its Education Action Plan to the Governor in early January, after nearly a year of conducting research and reaching out to stakeholders throughout the state. Governor Cuomo outlined that reports key preliminary recommendations in his speech.

We need more early education, said Cuomo. Every expert will tell you that early education makes a difference, and it makes a difference for life. The statistics are overwhelming. Children who receive early education perform 25% better on math by the second grade, 20% better in English, 30% are more likely to graduate from high school, 32% are less likely to be arrested as a juvenile.

We should provide real pre-K for all our children, the Governor concluded. We will expand the pre-K to full-day pre-K, five hours, and we will start with students in the lowest-wealth school districts. Lets do it today.

Joel Moser, chair of the Bank Street College Board of Trustees Government Relations Committee, remarked on the prominent role the College has played in advocating for the kinds of changes reflected in the Commissions report and in the Governors speech.

Bank Street has fought for expanded access to pre-Kindergarten since the genesis of programs like Head Start in the 1960s, Moser noted, and continues to advocate for policies that make life better for children and families. Developing effective early learning programs for young children in high needs neighborhoods is essential because the potential for achieving educational success begins at birth. We believe that the goal of expanding access to these programs is to improve equity and opportunity for all learnersideas that have earned a prominent place in the Commissions report.

Regarding the role of Bank Streets president in the Commission, Moser said, we are delighted that Elizabeth and Bank Street College have been asked to bring its expertise to such important policy discussions.

We want to be helpful to policymakers on the states most pressing education reform issues, said Moser. In October, Bank Street hosted one of eleven Education Reform Commission public hearings that served as an opportunity for commissioners to hear directly from stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and public servants throughout the state.

Business leader Richard Parsons, the Commissions chairman, noted in the initial report that it was imperative to address these complex issues based on facts, not ideology or conjecture. The final action plan, due in September 2013, is intended to outline a statewide system that supports a student from the earliest days of pre-Kindergarten through college and then career.


Since its founding in 1916, Bank Street College of Education has been an acclaimed educational institution and advocate for children and families. Bank Street is uniquely structured and internationally-recognized as a free-standing, private Graduate School of Education, an on-site independent School for Children, and a broad range of professional development and social programs. Its mission is to improve the education of children and their teachers by applying to the education process all available knowledge about learning and growth, and by connecting teaching and learning meaningfully to the outside world.

To see what Bank Street College of Education can do for you, visit

Colortrac Launch Expanding Range of SmartLF SC series Large Format Scanners

(PRWEB) January 10, 2013

Designed using the unique elements of Colortrac Innovative Technologies, it is a clear indication that Colortrac have listened to their customers and provided products having distinct higher performance, image quality and price advantages to assist them in satisfying their wide format documents scanning requirements. In expanding the new range of SmartLF SC Series large format scanner widths to cover 25, 36 and 42 inches; it helps our customers in AEC, CAD, GIS and Copyshop or Service Bureaus to choose the right scanners for their needs.

Commenting on some of the many new elements of Colortrac Innovative Technologies, Peter Brown Colortrac Executive Director said The new SingleSensor digital imaging technology in the SmartLF SC series large format scanners is a Colortrac invention (Patent pending) and a major breakthrough creating a new paradigm wide format scanner design. By combining up to 50,400 individual image sensors in a compact, robust and single-piece design, Colortrac have obtained a significantly higher image quality and alignment stability eliminating the need for staggered CIS image sensors. This gives each SmartLF SC scanner an optical resolution of 1200dpi or when using SmartWorks Pro software, this can increase the maximum scanning resolution to 9600dpi. The SingleSensor also captures a larger range of color tones scanning in RAW RGB, but can also provide images in sRGB whichever the customer requires.

By adding the new ClearView technology that comprises the custom designed ‘instant-on’ low energy and bi-directional LED lighting, this works together with SingleSensor to reduce optical errors to a minimum ensuring that all scan and copy data is of the highest possible color and dimensional accuracy. Even shadow effects inherent in the folds of creased documents are reduced by the combination of the ClearView feature and innovative SureDrive active pressure roller that gently presses the document against the SingleSensor. This is particularly apparent when scanning thin materials like creased Newspapers for archival.

All SmartLF SC series large format scanners are capable of scanning monochrome documents at 13 inches/sec and color at up to 6 inches/sec. To handle the higher quantity of image data from the increased scanning speed, the SmartLF SC series incorporates Colortrac FireFly communications technology that incorporate the new industry standard SuperSpeed USB 3.0 serial PC interface. This has always been a restriction on scanning productivity, but now reduces the time taken to transfer the image data from the scanner to the host PC or Cloud online storage services such as Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive or Dropbox. By using the new SmartWorks EZ Touch software that is provided with every scanner, easy quality adjustment of the scanned image can be made, making the SmartLF SC series wide format scanners ideal for those large archival jobs. Independent tests have indicated a realistic throughput of 273 Arch-E (36 x 48) sized color pages per hour at 200dpi resolution or 171 documents at 400dpi are easily maintained.

Summarizing the capabilities of the new wide format scanner, Peter Brown commented All Colortrac SmartLF SC Series scanners use the SingleSensor, SureDrive and ClearView technologies and are Energy Star qualified. By using our Innovative Technologies we achieve higher scanning speed, with SuperSpeed USB3 data transfer and FireFly drivers; these unique features contribute to making the SmartLF SC series wide format scanners probably the most productive scanners available for discriminating users.



For further information contact:

Rob van Brakel,

Marketing Manager,

Colortrac Limited.

Tel: +44 (0)1480 464618

Email: press(at)colortrac(dot)com


About Colortrac …

Founded in 1989 and based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire UK, a region of British excellence in science and technology, Colortrac Ltd is the leading innovator in professional wide format scanners and image acquisition software solutions with many new technically innovative patents created by their Research and Development departments, including the NEW SingleSensor scanning technology.

Colortrac was the first wide format scanner manufacturer to recognize the individual merits of both Charge Coupled Display (CCD), Contact Image Sensor (CIS) and will incorporate the newly introduced SingleSensor technology into some of their new SmartLF scanners. Coupled with a full range of supporting SmartWorks software, they are creating unique customer solutions to simplify scanning problems across the full spectrum of applications. These range from the demanding Graphics Arts market to practical, productive CAD, GIS, EDM and FM technical document scanning.

Colortrac Ltd Headquarters is located near Cambridge, UK and has offices in Beijing and Suzhou – P.R. China, Chantilly and Virginia USA, Yokohama – Japan, Mexico City and Hong Kong.

Further information about Colortrac products can be found at:

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TRU Staffing Partners, a leading search firm representing talent and opportunities in the e-discovery and litigation support space, today announces the application process for the Second Annual Scholarship Program starts today and will close February 15, 2013. The company is partnering with leading institutions to bring much-needed education and training to potential job seekers in the legal technology industry. The partners include Georgetown University, Bryan University, Document Technologies Inc./LitWorks, LIU Post, and Learn About e-Discovery.

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