Orlando solar bears


Publicize a hockey game to local professionals with a focus on attorneys, and increase attendance by 300 new fans.


Publicly Related’s Strategy

  • Publicly Related started the campaign by transforming the hockey game into a VIP experience for the fans
  • We developed a landing page with information about the event and an outlet to purchase tickets
  • Then we identified key influencers within the target demographic and shared the event with them.
  • The next step in the campaign was to reach the masses. Using new media and leveraging our relationships with industry groups, associations and educational institutions we publicized the event


  • We surpassed our mark significantly; nearly 500 people attended the event, which increased revenues by over $8,200.
  • The publicity increased the Solar Bears’ brand recognition and game attendance
  • The Solar Bears were able to establish a relationship with each of the attendees to further their marketing efforts and maintained increased game attendance
  • The attendee’s raved about the event, and said it was “exceptional” “fantastic” and “one of the best experiences ever!”