Bring awareness to Bank of America’s fraudulent real estate practices and contract dispute resolution.


Publicly Related’s Strategy

  • Publicly Related began the campaign by targeting national exposure through traditional media.
  • To increase awareness for current and future distressed property buyers we determined a prominent newspaper would be the most credible vehicle to reach their target demographic.
  • Using the media to highlight an breach of contract by a national lending giant, the impact on the buyer and the common plight of buyers across the country, we incorporated the Bank’s waffling communications and legal documents that supported the case.


  • Two days prior to publication of the breaking story, which was featured on the front page of New York Times’ Sunday Business Section, Bank of America phoned the buyers’ attorney and advised him they wanted to settle the case immediately.
  • The buyer and the attorney won their case, and millions were made aware of this buyer-beware market
  • After the national story broke, we leveraged the local media to bring the attorney additional attention, which portrayed him as a celebrity. Our client’s message was spread quickly, his name became well-known and he experienced an increase in business and referrals.

Public Relations Case Study