Joel GoldsteinJoel Goldstein

A Professional’s Guide to Social Media

The only step by step guide that will instruct you on how to build an online network and grow your business by utilizing the many Social Media tools that are available today. Included are Examples, Tips, Top Ten Lists, and Suggested Websites. We share a proven strategy how to grow your business from marketing online with these social media tools.

Lynne Sadowski

Vixen Unleashed

Joel GoldsteinLynne Sadowski is Founder of Vixen Unleashed, a personal development and empowerment company that’s dedicated to helping women lead healthy and dynamic lives in mind, body and spirit. She has been successfully coaching people for over 12 years and is a co-owner of an all women’s fitness studio in Orlando, Fl. Through her own personal experience, and as a busy professional, wife and mother, Lynne learned that in order to look and feel your best, have more fulfilling relationships, and have a successful career, you must FIRST begin with self-care and good health. Lynne takes a systematic and wholistic approach when working with her clients in weight-loss, career improvement, and life and business solutions.

Joel GoldsteinDennis Crosby

Becoming The 1%: How To Master Productivity And Rise To The Top In 7 Days

What took me over a year to learn, you will gain in just 7 days. After that, you will officially become part of an elite group of the most productive people in the world.What will you learn in this book?

  • The seven techniques that everyone who wants to be successful in time management must know.
  • How to distinguish your real work from your pseudo work. A skill that will have you exceeding your peers in no time.
  • The 3 core principles of time management that will reframe your mind so that you never look at your to-do list the same way again.
  • How to get more work done in 2 hours than most can get done in a whole day
  • What you and Olympic athletes have in common (or should..)