Our Philosophy

We are about loyalty. Many of our clients have been with us for extended periods, and we have helped them develop strategic, fruitful relationships, building a solid reputation for themselves and their companies over time. In return, we are loyal, too. We only bring on one client per industry niche, so as a Publicly Related client you will enjoy an edge over your competition.


Bree Gotsdiner, Director

Bree has “boots on the ground” experience. She was the public relations representative for two start-up companies, where she was instrumental in bringing them national media attention from TV networks like FOX Business News and featured online in highly trafficked websites such as the Huffington Post. Bree has also represented the government, large organizations (such as United Way), smaller companies and individuals. Bree has a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree from Dickinson College.

Joel Goldstein, Consultant

Joel has an impressive background as an entrepreneur, author and speaker. Joel attended Wharton’s business program receiving a certificate of management at the age of 17, and attended Harvard University for their business management graduate program. Having started several successful businesses and serving on the board of numerous non-profit charitable organizations Joel brings his expertise as a business consultant to the clients of Publicly Related. From his perspective as an entrepreneur, Joel focuses his attention on maximizing your ROI for his clients using marketing strategies in conjunction with public relations.

Julie Strier, Lead Content Developer

Julie has an extensive writing background, stemming from her life-long love affair with the written word. With over ten years of experience writing for non-profits, organizations, and small businesses, she delights in helping companies and individuals convey their message using clear and effective communication.  Julie believes that writing is like a handshake – its quality and passion says a lot about the business or individual.

Andy Brown DTM, Speaking Coach

member_4774672Communication is critical to your success. The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your communication. I will teach you the principles of using the Art and the Science of Power Communication through Subliminal Influence and Persuasion that will help you build rapport and connection much more quickly, get more referrals, and get the most out of every presentation that you give!

Sarah Gallow, Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

Sarah has a strong background in mathematics, bookkeeping and accounting. Her personal motto is, “I was born into a family of numbers, grew up around math books, ventured into bookkeeping, and that’s who I am, where I am, and what I am.” She loves working with clients and answering their financial questions.

Mallory Jacobs, Social Media Manager

By the time Facebook was launched, social media and social networking was second hand for Mallory. Mallory has lead seminars in how to generate leads, sell products, enhance credibility, brand recognition and reputations, and increase client engagement through social media. She is adept at increasing fans, targeting posts toward specific demographics and increasing brand reach.

Ray Perez, Sales Manager

Ray knows his market better than anyone and can navigate any project streamlining the communication between the programmers and customers like none other. Spending over 10 years in the broadcasting/publishing field Ray brings a keen eye to a holistic public relations campaign to reach your target audience, prepare you for media appearances and handle external media inquiries.

Alex Daniels, Intern

Alex born in Israel though moved to the United States when a year later. Since he’s lived and traveled throughout the country. Previously an intern at Florida Cultural Tours, Alex graduated from the University of Central Florida with a double-majored in English Technical Writing and Interpersonal Communication. In his spare time, Alex enjoys physical activities such as martial arts, basketball, and tennis.