Perception is Reality . . . We Manage Perception

If you are looking to enhance your brand, a well run public relations campaign may be your solution. With our professional team we are able to create a brand message and broadcast that message to the world.

We often think of PR as our name or company name being printed in a particular publication. While this is good and part of any good PR program, effective PR can take many forms. Marketing is made up of many, many things working together from many directions all toward your target market. The more of these things that your target market hears and sees, the easier it is to sell your product or service. That’s when you know marketing is doing its job.

Why choose us?

certificateAt Publicly Related, we are inspired by the way communication and media can influence the way society perceives a person, company or product. We harness the power of communication in our traditional and new media campaigns, reputation management initiatives, and publicist services.

We build relationships with our clients and work closely with them to understand their businesses. By discussing their goals, we can determine a plan of action to help them get to where they want to be.

We specialize in media relations, reputation management and branding. Our service menu includes offline and online marketing initiatives, such as: media kit creation, web development, social media management and advertising, personal representation, SEO, blogs and article content, and start-up, crowd-funding and public relations consulting services.

Our clients include small and medium companies, professional speakers, professional athletes and professional sports teams, job seekers, politicians and non-profit organizations. Our clients are located throughout the United States, New Zealand and Israel.