Each recognizable brand started somewhere

dscdsvIn today’s workforce, getting yourself noticed is pivotal to success. Competition is high, and having the right image is an important and primary goal for many people and companies. This is why using public relations is gaining more and more ground as an important tool for businesses and individuals.

Public relations, or PR, is the art of strategically presenting a person or organization’s message to the public. Start-ups use public relations because it lends credibility to their product. Media sources like newspapers, magazines, and news stories are usually relied on for accurate information from the public. Having a company or product in a small section of a newspaper instead of a large advertisement might be more productive because people perceive the news as presenting an impartial perspective of the product.  Many people can advertise their own business, but having an third-party pitch their product generally generates more good-will among the crowd. Contrary to popular belief, using public relations is not the same thing as advertising. Advertising can be sent to anyone while public relations is geared toward a more specific audience. Research and finding the right audience is a crucial part in using the media wisely.

Start-ups can hire a public relations firm to be involved in activities such as sending press releases, working with the press, and researching public opinion to portray their clients as trustworthy models. Public relations is often cheaper than other promotional outlets, like advertising your business on a billboard or creating a commercial. Many start-ups are not stacked with cash when they begin so this is often a valuable solution.

All in all, public relations is an on-going process that does not have an start and end time. Building trust and relationships takes time and effort but can be highly beneficial in the long run.

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